Warlock's Gauntlet


A warlock against the world


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Warlock's Gauntlet is an action role-playing game from a birds-eye view that follows in the footsteps of the legendary 'Gauntlet', and in which you'll need to advance through different levels full of enemies out to get you.

The game's story develops through 25 different levels that are created at random, so you'll never play the same game twice. As you go through the levels, you'll face off against countless enemies, which you can destroy using the more than sixty different spells that Warlock's Gauntlet puts at your disposal.

The game also has a slight 'sandbox' aspect to it, which allows you to wander far and wide through the scenery. You can get straight to the point, explore the land to your liking, or scour the scenery for enemies to gain experience and skill.

Warlock's Gauntlet is a frenetic action role-playing game that, though it might not have many role-playing elements, is just as addictive as one. Additionally, it includes many personalization options for your character.
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